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Lint Audio,manufacture a range of economical products to suit the discerning buyer. Turntable pre amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and bookshelf amplifiers.

The Vinyl verdict

How the vinyl LP actually plays and how the record album becomes music...

Turntable mats at www.rabbitone.co.za

Rabbitone headphone amplifiers

Lint audio also makes a range of headphone amplifiers for TV usage (now wireless)


Lint Audio works with several suppliers

of toys and has a cool range of playing now stands

Who we are

We are specialist communication company with many years of experience now branched out to the Audio market.

RIAA stereo pre-amplifier

 (for record turntables)

The LINTone phono pre amplifier presents a economical solution to enable a user to purchase and use a vinyl record player or turntable with an existing sound system.
The pre amplifier plugs direct to the record player deck, then plugs to a standard line or aux input featured on modern day stereo or surround sound systems.
The pre amplifier will accept both MM and HOMC inputs direct. The output closely matches the RIAA frequency equalisation curve, (not just another amplifier).
A text book TL072 op-amp is used to ensure simplicity in its design. Coupled to linear power circuitry eliminates external noise. 1980s design for 1980s technology
Supplied with a wall power supply, pre amplifier unit and earth cable.

The Lint SOLO, a stand alone headphone amplifier has two inputs, it is designed to provide the best possible sound quality at a economical price. The unit has a direct input from our LLINTone or Prelude turntable pre amplifier via phono jacks. Or a 3,5 mm jack plug for a laptop, MP3 player, chromecast, smart phone or similar. Featuring Nichicon capacitors (as found in high end audio) the pure analogue sound is very impressive. In  short its simply a true anaolgue experience. A customer has even said this product takes no prisoners with a music source..Nichicon rocks !

Supplied with a wall power supply, headphone amplifier and earth cable.

The Legend stereo headphone amplifier is a work of art. Featuring a

12AU7 valve with Mosfet output. It gives the highest level of sound

experience possible. It is designed as a kit or built up.

Supplied with a 24 Volt DC wall power supply, amplifier and earth cable. The Legend is highly popular as a buffer for streaming devices and cd players to give that rounded valve experience. For use with the twelve monoblocks as a pre amplifier and also has a sub output .

The Lint "Twelve"a Monoblock amplifier designed to perform with the Legend as a pre amplifer. Connect up your music streaming device. Hear that pure valve experience. Uses 2 x EL84 output tubes, a EZ81 rectifier and a input ecc88. Initially available in kit form or build at our workshop. the key materials are made in South Africa. We have a pro forma order form as each unit is maade for individual tastes. Contact us for further personal design availabilities.

LP stands, including illuminating stands


Audio accessories

We are working with Vidi Vox in the Cape to pair with their horn speakers

The Vinyl verdict

The revival of vinyl LPS in recent years is something that bucks world trends ! Everything is efficient, we dont need to go to a station to buy a train ticket, we book online over a phone or a tab. Everything is made much simpler, music is downloaded, videos are on a catch up. Payments are easy with an app for absolutely everything. So why is a vinyl record a revival ? A LP is awkward to store, it has to be cued by lifting the tone arm, a LP has to be turned for the next track, cleaned, no playlists and on it goes..Its sometimes to me a mystery. Streaming audio is a bargain depending on which service provider is used. As little as R49 a month with anything possible ! Chromecast is as good as it gets BUT its digital music.

Digital music

A digital track is merely a sample of a sound track, depending on the sample rate, it does not capture the true sounds of a recorded music track (its pretty close with high sampling rates though). It samples music and plays the samples. It is apparent the first CDs were the best units due to mastering...

Anlogue music

This is what it is, a perfect representation of the music exactly as recorded. Imagine a mountain range, the stylus follows the valleys and hills. This is transferred to the moving magnet or coil which in turn sends a voltage to the pre amplifier. Depending on the connections, types of amplifier this millivoltage is amplified to produce the audio sound. It is not sampled but is a direct reproduction of the track played. Obviously this includes the scratches with the pops and noise picked up along the way.

Power supplies

When the audio phonograph (as it was originally called) was launched as well as in subsequent years, the world was a very different place, no remote controls, no internet, cell phones, GPS, WiFi, drones or even pause controls on remotes. This results in a large amount of rf noise and electrical noise. The moving magnet or moving coil pick up on a turntable picks up everything that is thrown at it..this is then amplified. The pre amplifier power supply demands a high level of noise filtering to prevent this noise entering the audio system. Obviously with headphones this is very obvious. When designing a turntable pre amplifier this is a very important feature in design. The Lint Prelude does not use mains power at all. It uses batteries with a internal charger to alleviate the ingress of mains noise. It charges when not in use and runs with battery power. The LINTone is a entry level pre amplifer that is powered by a wall charger.

Analogue audio

All Lint products are designed using analogue audio components. These integrated circuits were first introduced in the 80s, now in 2018 they are still used ! What does that tell us ? The analogue revolution is once again growing as the market realises the smoothness of analogue sound. It has no harshness associated with "plastic transistor radio sound". However we have some advantages over original analogue products, the materials used in capacitors, resistors and integrated circuits has improved so much, we can capitalise on this which results in some remarkable sound quality.

RIAA curve

We have to think back in time, the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) had to establish a standard of vinyl recording. We all know that sound engineers balance the drums with the bass guitars, trombones and vocal inputs. When the records were originally reorded and the master was cut with a lathe, the engineers were real engineers. They had to cut the master to balance a recording, if not cut properly it would be almost impossible to hear the individual instruments. Now thats one thing, when the sound sytem has to replay the curve ! Now life gets iinteresting as if not decoded properly, well it does not sound 'equalised" at all and sound either like a tin can or a big bass sound. The objective is to obtain the balance exactly. This can only be achieved in the pre amplifier and by selecting various values of capacitance this may be achieved. It is also imperative to keep the pre amplifier circuit as simple as possible, in turn reducing any chance of noise ingress. It also helps the sound quality by using period designed components as these were originally designed for usage with analogue system design. The Lint pre amplifiers have been designed to this curve.

Time tested components

So what does this mean ? Vinyl is pure analogue, its sound is so smooth...however as its lets say "old tech" the circuit components require capacitors for power circuit smoothing. Capacitors are also critical in the input and output path circuits as this decouples the circuitry allowing only the audio in a AC (alternating current) form to pass in and out of the amplifier. These devices are subject to a time of usage in hours. Anything between 1000 and 2000 hours. They should be changed, also with heat they deteriorate. So you have a period amplifier, high end brand, in most cases inherited from a family member. You play a vinyl record and you think "wow" this is really good...Now if you play a download, you may be fooled and this may possibly sound better (especially a CD). Why is this ? simple, the capacitors in the circuit are timex (time expired) and should be replaced. I have seen this so many times that the user is totally unaware of what a vinyl recording can actually produce. Used with good headphones, a pre amp and headphone amp, the sound is nothing less than almost perfect. You can hear absolutely everything with even a foot step being obvious. So dont miss out and ensure the equipment you use is of a good serviced quality. Also beware of USB turntables, they are digital and spoil what is the original objective. That is that smooth analogue sound !

Lint audios objective

Many people have up to the minute sound systems, they heard that vinyl sounds better..well does it ? It sounds different and possibly smoother. Why is this ? Because the equipment used is not of a servicable quality. Our product range is designed to be affordable, South African designed and built to service the person who wants to experiment with Turntables. Buy a used unit, get it serviced, buy a Lint audio device, plug and play..then you will learn what this revolution is all about. BUT take care that you do not use equipment that will betray the Vinyl sound ! A vinyl LP sounds on our range of headphone amplifiers nothing less than awesome..Then  of course with our range of accessories, nothing beats the album on display at a dinner party, a cool Tee shirt at a braai or a LP lamp shade, wall clock or retro poster in a man cave..





A range of headphone amplifiers for TV usage


If you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form on our website. Products are also available in Durban at Khaya records where you can hear the sounds. The Turntable Guy in Cape Town has units for review. Listening stations at khaya records, Durban and Roastin Records in Cape Town.

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For availability and trade contact details contact Craig on +27 83 292 0424 or craig@lintaudio.co.za

Audio Architex, in Hill crest stock the LintOne pre amplifiers.

John Norman for valve audio repairs on +27 82 486 5280 or john@lintaudio.co.za (he doesnt do solid state)

Recapping of certain amplifers and turntables, contact James Halverson on +27 79 026 8326 or james@lintaudio.co.za